0044Friday. 8th March. /1850.
A fine day, but quite cool, blustering.
I dressed and went off to Bleeker Street
to see Mrs Smith. Met Catharine in the parlour, Mrs Smith
has been dangerously ill, continues so still. C. went up in
her room, returned much agitated to the parlour. I sat with
Mrs Carpenter, who is a fine lady like woman, but very delicate
Miss C. met us at the door, she is a fine little person, full of
Catharine, dined with me, she does not feel very strong.
Mr Fullgraff came in the afternoon to give his music lesson.
Julia unprepared, not expecting him so soon.
Mr Monlon passed an hour, with us, no news but parties.
Mr H. took the boys, to purchase gloves, for Jane’s party.
He gave me money, to purchase stocks for them also.
Remsen had his hair cut, his face looks like a full moon.