0044Saturday. 9th March. /1850.
Clear, fine day.
I sent to hear from Mrs Smith.
She is no better; poor sufferer; her prayers will not be lost.
Should this be her last illness, our consolation will be that
her last hours, were consoled by kind friends. She but leaves
this sad earth; to join her loved ones in Heaven; Mother, father
sister, husband, and child, have gone before, she remains alone.
I walked out with Julia, she went up to 16st
to see Miss Wood; returned to dinner, with a good appetite.
We called on Mrs Anelli; left our cards.
Julia, went to tea with her grandmother.
Margaret went up to escort her home.
Louis & Remsen went to the gymnasium.
Julia, went for her parasol, new [covered] 1$. 50. cts.