0045Sunday. 10th March. /1850.
Beautifull, mild day.
I took the children to Church.
did not feel well, very trembling, with pain in my
back. It was communion Sabbath, I joined in this solemn
commemoration of our blessed master, “who ever lives to make
intercession for us.” Mr Hutton, was more lengthy than
usual, this constant repetition, distracts the thoughts from
holier things, it is a great fault. Our Saviors words on
this occasion, as on all others, were few, and emphatic. “This
do in remembrance of me.”
I felt faint, and tired; was glad to get in the fresh air,
my soul went up to God in gratitude and prayer; for the
privilege, enjoyed. Weak, trembling sinner’s, God will
give you strength, for even I was among the guests.
Mr H. remains at home, but walked after dinner
with the boys. Julia studied her lessons.
I fell asleep on the sofa for one hour.
Mr Legget & Willy passed the evening. remained untill near
eleven oclock. They brought Julia, some “Ruins of Pompeii”.
Three coins, are quite antique.
G. went to tea before they left. Louis & Remsen displeased
me by their topics of conversation.