0046Tuesday. 12th March./ 1850.
Delightfull, clear day, but little wind or dust.
Catharine sat an hour with me,
had been to see Mrs Smith, she is a little better, still has fever.
I took my shower, and then went to promenade, felt quite
weak to.day. C. did not remain long, Aunt Sally Gardinier
was with them to dinner.
I arranged Julia’s dress, bought lace for her sleeves 50 cts
comb 25 cts She does not appear very lively to.day;
Took her music lesson from Mr Fullgraff, who gave her some
violin pieces to look over.
At seven Louis & Remsen, commenced their toilette, they soon
made their appearance, altho my powers were taxed to the
utmost to get them in readiness. Julia dressed, in haste
she looks less lovely than usual.
A master Brown called for them, they started in fine glee
I reposed on the sofa, felt half sick, full of dull thoughts.
Mr H. went out to get some Oysters. Returned soon.
I read Remsen’s book “self conquest”, very interesting.
Went to bed at half past eleven, but could not sleep, my
thoughts troubled about many things.
The children did not get home untill near one oclock.
I fell asleep after two, felt worried about them.
Garret, came to bed, with an account of the party, but I was
not anxious to listen at this hour.
Mrs Swherin, has a young son.
Wednesday 13. March./1850.
Took a bottle of “Jockey club” from Louis. Left my cologne bottle
to be filled.
Wednesday. March. 13. /1850.
0047A lovely morning; terminating in heavy showers.
It appears like April, so mild &
showering. I prepared to visit Mrs Gee, was dressed to
go from the door, when the shower presented itself to my
astonished eyes. Cooley put away my best gear, and
sat myself down to this scribbling affair.
Earned two shillings from Garret this morning; honestly.
Wrote an excuse for Louis & Remsen, to Mr Parker. they
could not learn their lessons.
They enjoyed the party very much, danced, and were
highly pleased. Julia, looks pale and jaded this morn.
Jane’s party will long be remembered by the young
folks, as it was expressly for them. She was dressed in
a pink silk.