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0048Friday March. 15. /1850.
A fine day, but not so warm as yesterday.
I dressed at one, and went up to see Mrs Gee.
Found her immersed in dress, looking very slovenly.
Miss Torrey with her, their conversation, amused me, it was so
devoid of intellect.
Spent the evening with Isabella; Julia & her father rode with
me. Our evening rather dull, as F. & I[.] were rather fatigued.
Julia tried the Piano, found it poor in tone.
I feel relieved now this visit is over; promised it so long to
myself, and Bell.
Remsen, went to a party at Mr Dickies, returned home
at eleven. I was just on the point of sending for him.
Louis, remained at home, tormenting the girls, with guns
and swords. Miss [Beneck] called.
Mr Fullgraff, came, would have given us a tune on the violin
but, we have not time, as it was near 7.