0049Sunday. 17. March. 1850.
Damp and showering.
Garret took the boys to church. Julia remained
at home with me. We did not venture out, it was so damp
books are our resource, and self examination.
Louis walked after dinner with his father.
G. went to hear Mr Bellows in the evening.

Monday. 18. March. /1850.
Snow, sleet, and showers.
I read all the morning, took a cold bath,
and lunch, to rest myself. My private library, some.
what exciting; but still improveing [sic].
G. came home late near tea hour. Mr [Lar____z],
our neighbour, has failed, owes G. 400 $.
Remsen, a “censure ticket” Louis, a good report.
Impressions of other days. My Louis, a source of mixed pleasure.

Tuesday. 19. March. 1850.
Still over cast, sun faintly gleaming.
Mrs Bloodgood, tried a waist
on me, chatted an hour about California. Told me his B.s troubles.
with Mr Wiley. I sympathize with her loss.
Took a warm bath, my complexion troubles me, in defiance
of all my baths. How I wish for sundry improvements,
never to be realized in this world.
I walked with G. after dinner, met Mr Fullgraff in the 5th avenue
on his way to our house. I returned home cold. Josephine
Little took tea with us; remained quite late. She improves
in her manners. Maria, dropped in, sat untill late.
Mrs Smith, is getting very smart , sits alone.