0051Saturday. 23d March. 1850.
A heavy snow storm.
How surprised to find a snow
storm, after our summer days.
G. laid late in bed this morning, I arose first, but half an hour later than usual. Julia, last of all, as usual.
Louis & Remsen very troublesome, tearing over the house. They are now snow balling and squealling [sic] n the yard.
I composed some ideas for Julia on “Excelsior,” she wrote her
Composition from this sketch.
The duties of her toilette , and the piano, employed her
morning hours.
A clear sun.set, very cold north wind.
A new suit of clothes for Louis & Remsen, school clothes; very
pretty. Mr H. complained of his throat, took a Bath.
before going to bed.

Sunday. 24th March./1850.
Cold, and blustering.
I took the children to church; felt very well
and strong. A sermon for the “Sunday schools,” very interesting
for children, I wish my sons would improves these lessons.
Eugene took tea with us. Richard Leggett staid untill eleven,
conversing with Mr H. G. went to evening church, Mr Fellows.

0052Monday. 25th March./1850.
High wind, snow on the shed, cold air.
I awoke early this morning, G. very sleepy.
My rest very good the last month, no chills, so far.
Arranged all my affairs, mended boys clothes.
Took velvet & buttons from the skirt of Julia’s merino dress,
she did not like it for school or the street. Too conspicuous
A visit from Pa, he looks very well, and has recovered from
his cold. I gave him some Crullers & Raspberry for Lunch.
He met Richard Varick, and Mr Pearson in the street; One
from California, the other Pough keepsie. Left me to call
on Mrs Smith, who is recovering fast.
I must run out to breathe some fresh air & get an appe.
tite for my chicken soup.
My dinner not satisfactory; Soup not well flavoured.