0054Saturday March. 30th 1850.
A fine day.
I gave up going to hear F. Kemble.
Julia walked out with Jane, went to her Aunt Bells.
I walked for exercise. Rode to Chelsea with Julia after din
ner. Susan Chenery, passed an hour with Julia, she seems
very unhappy. Her mother has twin daughters, born on
Wednesday last.
A pleasant ride to Chelsea, mother looking better then any
member of the family, so fleshy & fair. Catharine (Julia’s sister), full,
of pains & chills, she looks miserably, bilious.
F & Bell came in, I sat untill near dark, then returned
alone. Garret did not come in untill late. I took my
tea with the boys.
Sent Louis for Julia, he paid only three cents for her fare.
I went out in the morning, purchased a pin Cameo head
for Julia.