Sunday. March.31st 1850.
A fine clear day.
We all went to Church. Miss Carpenter &
Mr Montgomery in our pew.
Our sermon was excellent, from the text, in which Festus
accuses Paul of being mad. A plain interesting discourse.
The Music fine
I went again after dinner, Mr Hardenberg preached; his
voice almost stunned me.
G. took Louis to walk, I fear he is laying the seeds of
bad habits for his boys. Wandering from Church,
is wandering from God.
G. went to hear Mr Bellows in the evening.
Spring hastens on, one month has passed away.
Dr Webster of Boston, pronounced guilty of Murder,
this trial has been very exciteing [sic] to every one.
On Monday, we shall see the public opinion of this
verdict. His execution I think will never take place.