0056April. 1st Monday. 1850.
Lovely spring sun shine. 19 Charlton St N. Y.
Julia fourteenth birth.day. We do not give a ball,
but intend some amusement by shopping.
I have presented Julia, a Cameo pin as her birth day gift.
We went to Stewarts, purchased gloves. 12 shil.
I stopped at Middletons, took a pair boots for Julia.
Have had two pair made for myself. Thick soled & thin.
Engaged a pair India Rubbers, but did not take them.
Went back to get them, could not find them. Young
Mr R. absent. He is the hero of our street; caught a
black robber in his cellar a few weeks since. A scar on
his fore head proves his valour [sic].
I returned fatigued, took a long sleep, did not feel
very well; pain in my stomach.
Julia, expected Rima & a beau, they did not arrive.
She passed the evening with Josephine. Mr Wordsworth & Jose.
phine, came with her to get some music, they then returned.
We went early to bed. I did not sleep very soundly.
Sent to enquire after Mrs Chenery, she is very weak & low. The
babies thrive.

Tuesday. 2nd April. 1850.
A sweet mild day.
Julia goes back to school, I feel
relieved to get her once more composed. The birth day is over.
Gave Margaret & Ann [house servants] a lesson on cleanliness.
Walked out to the Parade ground for exercise, met Louis & Rem.
buying candy. Put on new thick boots to break them to my
feet; left off india rubbers. Saw Mr Brindly; stiff as ever.
A letter from Maria H.