Wednesday. 3d April. /1850.

Sun shine, and Showers, mild, and warm.
I was preparing to go up to Chelsea to
see Catharine, when Eugene came in. Informed me that mother
and Aunt Gardinier were comeing [sic] to pass the day. I made
some preparations, then dressed for a promenade. Called in
at Mrs Falconers, looked over her bonnets, saw nothing very
handsome. A dampness in the air on my return.
At one oclock, mother & Aunt arrived, both in good spirits.
We passed a pleasant morning, went over our house, looked
at engraveings [sic] and wiled away the time untill dinner hour.
Julia came home in raptures, Mr Atkins, praised her compos.
ition on “Excelsior”. Every thing went smooth with her; to day.
Louis, showed his theatre to his grandmother & Aunt.
Julia gave them some music. Showers of rain comeing [sic]
over; frightened Aunt, she wished to return home.
Julia escorted her to Bond St. Called on Rima. I sent for
her in all the rain. She expected to be gallanted by Mr M.
I made mother take a carriage, this would keep her safe
from the damp air. Eugene took her safe home.
Our dinner table badly managed; Annie is a poor waiter.
I was to blame in not getting my silver down.
Catharine is sick with a terrible cold, lost her voice, and
keeps her bed. I am truly sorey [sic] for her.
Maria has the face ache.
My face troublesome, and I do not dare use the baths
just at this time. A weakness over my system.