0059Sunday. 7th. April. 1850. 19 Charlton St. N.Y.
Clear bright day, the Snow vanishing quickly
Remsen’s eleventh birth.day.
I wish him to reflect now on his future career, he is rather
thoughtless, and far too boisterous. He loves to read, and is
tender & affectionate in his feelings, with proper care he might
be made an intellectual, interesting Man. I like his eye,
it is clear, and bright, giveing [sic] expression to his face. [These]
features are not regular, but the contour of his head and face,
please every one; a “Sweet boy” can be applied to him the little
he often gets.
Julia went with her brothers to Church. Garret, had
a cold & I was not able to sit so long quiet.
The day proved lovely, after dinner I went up alone.
Julia sat at home to study, The boys went to the Battery
with their father.
Mr Hutton, was not animated, his text beautifull.
Is there no balm in Gilead, no physician there ! I felt
warm, and my heart fluttered, this kept me in fear of
being obliged to leave the Church.
Mr H. went to hear Mr Bellows in the evening.
I sat with the children. Gave them some advice.
Mr H. presented Remsen with 4 shillings for his birth.day.