0060Monday. 8th April. /1850.
Mild day of showers, and sunshine.
I rode to see Catharine, who has been sick with
a cold, Maria too has the face ache, both look miserably.
Mother is well & Pa very [savant].
Miss [Haseril] called in to see them, she is pretty in her man.
ners, and good looking.
I rode down in a sprinkle, but did not get wet.
Spent six shillings for dinner and stage fare; hour hound [sic] candy 6d.
Must do my shopping, ere my money slips away.

On the 10th I was taken with the Influenza, and have
gone through a regular siege, my head & lungs affected.
Kept my room a week, then walked out, and took a fresh
cold in my bones.
Julia, went to a party at the Miss Babcocks, was much
She has purchased a silk from Becks, two school dresses
from Sherwoods. A pink crepe bonnet.
Her compositions, her studies, and music progress.
I am unable to promenade often with her, as my
strength is so precarious. This month is finished
and I have passed most of it in my own rooms.
I am thankfull G is domestic, as my life would
be sad enough were he to desert me. It is my aim
to keep up, and appear gay, when my body aches the
most. A complaining wife is a sad partner in business.
G. presented me “Cosmos”, my time is so much
employed in mending, that I have not read it
Mr H moved his Office on the 28th of this month.
Lamed his back, nailing his Carpet. Looks pale & thin.
Brought his iron safe up here, it is much in my way.