0061Friday May. 3rd
A fine day.
I walked out with G.
we were both stiff in our bones.
Mr H Abeel from the Ridge called.
A letter from the Dr in Philadelphia.

Saturday May 4th 1850.
Damp, and showering.
I went with Julia to
exchange her bonnet, we found the pink crepe, we had ordered. Obliged to run from B. in the rain home.
Julia, not very well, I went to lie down for rest.
Louis & Remsen troublesome.
A piece of towelling [sic] from Sherwoods, 4$.


Sunday. May 5th
Heavy rain, thunder & lightening.
We all kept the house. G. does not seem well
since he moved, took cold from working too hard.
“Mon Amie,” friends _____ is immortal.
Julia wrote on “Make way for Liberty”.