0062 Monday. 6th May. 1850.

Very heavy shower; then clear as crystal.
The poor boys, caught in a shower, and
wet to the skin.
I felt very stiff in my bones, but walked a few blocks the air was lovely.
Julia went to Mrs Bloodgoods to get her calico for school. She has a bad cold, seems quite hoarse.
G. gave me 5$ Piano tuned, a new string put on. 1$.

Tuesday. 7th May

A fine clear day.
I was over come with sleep, but got
up as soon as I could.
Haveing [sic] the third story cleaned; putting up my flannels
in Camphor. Furs also. Wish to get clear of moth
if possible, our carpets ought to be shaken; but we do
not feel willing to put ourselves to so much trouble.
A letter from Maria H., informing me of her intend
ded arrival to.morrow, also the De puys. I wish it
could have been post poned, untill next week.
Mr H. came home late to dinner, took the boys to ride,
their first trial of “Charly” since his return from the Country.
He behaved very well.
I dressed and went to see Mrs Chenery and her twins.
They are sweet little dolls, she looks very interesting.
Called on Mrs Berger, not at home. My bones ached
but I persisted in walking a few blocks. Selected cake
from the Bakers.
Dressed for the evening. Mr Fullgraff took tea with us.
Snapped a piano string ! G. somewhat distrait; says
he does not feel well; looks thin and fretfull.
I laid on the sofa, read the “Natural history of Man.” in the
magazine. Could not get up stairs, so stiff in my bones.