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0063 Wednesday. 8th May. 1850.
Clear fine day. not very warm.
I arose late, we were all fond of our pillow
this morning. Just as we sat down to our break fast; the carriage drove up. Mr & Mrs Depuy, Rachel & Mrs Palen.
Maria, looks very well, ands seems in good spirits.
Mrs Palen is still delicate, has just returned from the Asylum at Hudson . Her mind is restored, but her body is feeble. I sincerely pity her misfortune.
Tomorrow they will pass with us, I must invite
them to dinner. Julia’s cold seems better to.day.
My pains are less troublesome.
Mrs Blackwell called to see me in a carriage, dressed with great taste. I sent a note to Catharine. She wrote an answer.
Ice to day from [B___e].
Mrs Bloodgood, brought Julia’s calico dress home.

Thursday. 9th May. 1850.
Sun shine, and showers.
I felt quite feeble to.day, but ex.
erted myself to appear well. We did not know if our
friends would come or not. Maria dined with us.
Maria H. bought a straw bonnet, very neat; not pretty.
Garret, presented Julia with an elegant diamond ring.
worth 80 $. I regretted the gift, she is too young for such
expensive jewelry. Her nails, are disfigured by eating them
to the quick, and a ring of this kind attracts attention.
Mr & Mrs De Puy, Mrs Palen & Rachel came in to tea,
very unexpectedly to me. I was obliged to make all
preparations for their sleeping, this troubled me terribly.
I sent Margaret for cake to Mr Sayers.
We had an elegant tea.table, the silver looked fine.
Annie, has some taste for these things.
Louis exhibited his theatre for our amusement.
I went to bed tired to death; half sick with my exertions
[Written on the side]: “:Read this Julia and leave your nails alone”