0064Friday, 10th May 1850.
Cool with showers, and high winds.
Our friends left us after break fast
they all rested well. Maria slept with Mrs Palen, who
complained of her head, and seemed quite sick. She took
Camphor , and revived after tea. I felt afraid of her over
exertion, but she looked better this morning.
Maria, went out to shop with them, has not returned.
I was to walk out with her, but she gives me the slip.
Garret seems better this week, he is thin, but sleeps
soundly. He rode yesterday with the boys. Fires comfor-
table this morning.
I washed up my silver this morning & put it away.
Maria, went to shop with Mrs De Puy. I waited for her untill
near one oclock, then went out for a walk. The wind blew
and I feared rain, my walk was short.
Went to bed, slept two hours, Ann called me to dinner.
Julia, came from school, quite hoarse with her cold.
I walked with Maria to “Broadway” she purchased Cuffs
and a beautifull pair of sleeves for Julia 1$.
We went into the “Chinese Museum,” and were much
amused by the curiosities.
Six Chinese people were the most attractive objects to
me, two children, 5 & 7, droll little mortals. The young
lady of 17 was good looking, with small feet, and tottered
when she ran around the rooms. Her attendant; good
indian face, rather pleasant , [Chun] the father of thefoot bondinid
the [repeated word] little ones, pleasant countenance, the interpreter
fine looking. We enjoyed our visit to these wondrous
antiques, and left little Ching some pennies, which
he prized highly.

Miss [Bauise], took tea with us, staid all night.
Mr Fullgraff came, took tea, played some violin pieces
for our amusement. Mr Depuy, Rachel & Miss Ros.
burg & Martin, passed the evening. Mr H. went to the
Orotone in the tabernacle. Maria packed her things
for morning. I gave her some Lady Cake for “Sib Cantine” &
news papers.
For more on Chinese foot binding, see Buzzfeed: https://www.buzzfeed.com/hayleycampbell/lotus-feet?utm_term=.wtx4Bg519j#.odb96MQNBwfoot 2