0065 Saturday. 11th May. 1850.
Damp morning. Rain untill near sun set.
G. and I arose at half past 5.
I made breakfast for Maria & Miss Bevier. They
both left before 7. Mr DePuy, called for Maria, I bid
them all good.bye. We took our break fast.
I arranged the closets.
Julia too sick with her cold to venture out.
I sent the boys to the Chinese Museum; Louis would
not pay full price. Did not care to go in, altho’ I
begged him to return.
I finished a corded skirt for Julia, it was tough
work, fatigued me very much. Laid down & fell asleep
Garret awakened me from a sweet nap.
I went to dinner, but was shocked by a careless accident
of Ann’s. She tipped the waiter, and dropped a “china
gravy.boat, with all its contents on the floor. I snatched
up the baize to save the carpet, and found it but little
greased, the baize suffered the most. Ann is a careless
waiter, and seldom listens to advice, a few days since
she greased my silk dress, and falls into errors daily.
A note from Ferdinand of apology, he cannot take
tea with us to night, Cath. had invited them to meet her.