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0066Sunday. 12th May. 1850.
A fine, charming day.
The clouds were threatening, in the
morning, but soon gave way to the clear bright sun.
The Dr [J.L. Hasbrouck] came in to breakfast from “Philidelphia.” He
looks very well.
Julia’s cold prevents her from going to Church, I staid at
home with her. Slept an hour, My troubles, pains in
my bones’ quite over to.day.
Garret, Dr [J.L. Hasbrouck] [,] boys and myself went to Church in the afternoon,
an old man preached, on the “mystery of Godliness.” I was
heated with my big shawl. Walked home through Broadway
the air charming.
Eugene took tea with us, looks thin, all complaining in
Chelsea as usual. G. and the Dr went over to hear Dr
[Bethune], the church crowded, and sermon excellent.
Our family in Chelsea like myself, love to tell their small
ailments. It is because we are nursed with tenderness,
and met with sympathy.
Monday. 13. May. 1850.
Warm as summer.
The changes from heat to cold are
surpriseing this month. I was ready to melt with my
black mantilla. Spent an hour with Mrs Anelli, found
her cleaning the house all in confusion. Mr Anelli very
polite as usual; full of business.
Catharine called in my absence. I was thankfull to get in
the shade. My feet troublesome, boots draw them.
I looked at mantilla’s in Canal St.
The Dr. [J.L. Hasbrouck] left us for Rondout, after dinner, he returns home
through the “Ridge”. Garret took him to the boat, and then
rode to Burnhams with Louis.
I dressed and walked up broadway, with Julia, we stopped
at Wellers, took Cream & Jelly. We went to call on Miss Wyeth.
A shower, hurried me home Mrs Smith called in my absence.