Hazy atmosphere, Shower’s before sun set.
Julia cold on her chest, she looks very
delicate, but went to school in good spirits.
I took a cold wash, did not dare try the shower bath,
my chest still ¬¬¬¬irritated.
Rode to Mrs B.[Mrs Bloodgood] found her full of work and trouble.
Morris, sick with cold. Returned in the stage. Purchased
sewing silk, and oil silk for Julia’s dress. 12 cts.
hemmed my green veil.
Heavy showers before tea. Mr Fullgraff [piamo teacher] came
through the storm. Staid untill near eleven, discussing
the subject of religion. I should like more Music, and
less conversation.
Garret gave me “17$” to purchase a Mantilla.
I called on Mrs Smith, she was
not at home. Covered books for Remsen, an Ancient
Atlas, very usefull. Slept an hour before dinner
Camphor from Louines 1 lb.

A storm of rain, wind easterly.
Garret; did not leave home untill
late, he had no “India rubbers.” The children went before
the heavy rain. Louisa, brought in Julia’s waist, her
time for the stage at hand. She could not try it on.
My time employed in arrangeing, dusting, and putting
things in order for a warm day. Every thing seems
dusty and full of Winter collections. Fires bring
comfort, and dis.comfort for house keepers.
Ann [servant] is finishing the third story hall. she is slow.