0068Thursday. 16. May. 1850.
A fine day. Almost too warm.
Had some blankets and white spreads,
Washed to. day. I went after dinner to see Mrs Mary Smith.
sat an hour with her; find sickness & age doing its work on her.
Found Catharine on my return, she remained to tea, Mrs
Vradenberg, and William Brinckerhoff, came in late to tea.
Henry came for them in the evening.
I suffered from heat, Julia played for Mrs Vradenberg.

Sun shine, and showers.
I rode to Chelsea in the morning, Eleanor
had gone home. Aunt Gardinier, visiting mother, the
old lady fails. Steery [Julia’s brother] was passing the morning, his
teeth look miserably, but he appears quite lively for him.
I returned in a little gust, but it passed over. Catharine
had a dress.maker.
Ferdinand [Julia’s brother], went to ride with Garret, he is quite sick,
with one of my colds. It rained before their return,
but he did not get wet. Isabell [Ferdinand’s wife] took a nice chat
with Julia, & myself, in the meantime. Mr Fullgraff
gave us some songs in the evening.
The moon shown brightly to night.
Louis, bought a cage for the birds, we put them together
for a trial of their skill. I take them under my
particular care. Keep them in the third story, quiet period.
Siblings of Julia Lawrence Hasbrouck
Dr. Samuel Sterry Lawrence (1804-?), married to Christiana Knell (1810-1854)
Catharine Lawrence (1805-1875)
John Remsen Lawrence (1806-1807)
Ferdinand Lawrence (1807-1893), married in 1835 to Isabella Eliza Burgoyne ( -1895), Isabella is often referred to as “Bell”.
Henry Lawrence (1810-?)
Horace Lawrence (1814-1851), married in 1839 to Laura Kelly
Charles David Lawrence (1817-1852), often referred to as David or “Doe”
Maria Lawrence (1821-1903)
Eugene Lawrence (1824-?)