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0069Saturday. 18. May. 1850. N. York.
Cool, and blustering; after the showers of yesterday.
Julia dressed, and went with
me to shop. We rode to “Stewarts,” purchased a black
_____ mantilla for myself 18 $.
Green ___tezed parasol 4 $.
White shawl for Julia 5 $.
Calico dress 2.50.
We stopped at Middletons, on our return, Julia took
a pair of black boots, and was measured for a light pair.
Met Maria on our return, Julia, returned to shop with [. . . ]
I was glad to take a stage, and rest in bed on my return.
Charlotte from the “Ridge,” surprised us.
She has left Benjamins service, not to return. They
were in the midst of painting, repairing, she their
only servant. How much they will miss her, quick
and smart as she could be.
Julia, went to see Josephine, returned to tea. Her
cold on her chest, and troublesome.

Sunday.19. May. 1850.
Beautifull morning, cool wind at noon.
I went to church in the morning.
Julia’s cough troublesome in church. We remained at
home after dinner. The wind blew high and cold.
G. took the boys to Hoboken for country air.
Remsen appetite fails him, he seems indolent .
Louis is fat as butter. A noble English looking boy.
Mr Miln, and Mr Christian, spent an hour with
Julia, she likes the young Englishman, who told her
of Jenny Lind
I took a warm bath to night, the first in a month