Monday. 20th May. 1850. 19 Charlton St. N. Y.
A dull day, dark showers, and thunder.
My day was passed in sundry evocations
Composed a Composition, writing for amusement, subject
“A spirit of the air”.
Wrote one for Julia on “Bonaparte on Helena”.
in the afternoon. She does not like to take it, think.
ing it deceit, but where is there anything original
Late breakfast, Julia walked to school.
Good reports for Louis & Remsen this week; few marks.

Tuesday. 21st May. 1850.
Cool, and Windy; showers threatening.
Maria, came in, Miss B.s [Babcocks] and the Miss Halls decline my
invitation for Wednesday. They leave the city on Thursday.
I went up to Mrs Bloodgoods, left a pink muslin
to be made for me. Gave orders about my silk.
She is tiresome in her dress makeing, not carefull
enough of her goods. A large shawl comfortable for
Mr H. took the boys to ride, the dark clouds prevented me from
venturing out. I went to walk in Broadway, Julia prac-
tised [sic] her music. Mr Fullgraff came not as gay as usual.
The Bride & groom Mr & Mrs Priestly spent the evening with us.
I treated them to cake & wine.
Julia played two opera’s with Mr F for them.
They left at ten.

Wednesday. May. 22nd
Louis, is thirteen years old to day. A fine, stout handsome
boy, but rather silent, and cold in manner. I hope his
affections will develope [sic] themselves, and his heart increase.

High wind, dark clouds, heavy rain in the evening.
We were later in bed I arose dull,
and full of weariness in my bones. The atmosphere affects
me. Mr H. went to the boat, led up his new horse, from
Mr De Puy. took him to the stable.
I dressed; went over to see Mrs Dr Smith. She was so agreeable
as to detain me two hours. We talked over old times, and over
children. Her figure still looks well, but her face is thin.
G. tried the new horse. “David” by name [,] after dinner,
he likes him better than “Charly”.
It rained before they returned. We could not go to Mr [P__ison’s]
concert, or see the “mon stre piano”. Garret went and was
much pleased. He begins to like music; is proud of “Sis”.
Julia wrote in Miss Church’s Album, a piece “original”.
I gave Louis, some advice & money for his birth day gift.

Thursday. May 23d. 1850.
Clouds, sun shine, winds, rain threatening.
Mrs B. tried the waist of my new silk.
I wish to go out, but fear a shower, how provokeing this
weather. Had a chat with Jane Marshall they are cleaning house.
Put on my bonnet, and went to Rysers, bought lace, buttons,
and cord for my new silk. Looked without envy on Mrs S.
Clark, sitting in her barouche conversing with a gentleman.
A grown daughter at her side, does not inherit her mothers
good looks. Mrs C. has cheeks which tell a tale.
Rain fell before I reached home. I hastened my steps, as
the clouds looked threatening. Was much fatigued on my
return, went to bed & slept an hour. Could not cut Crullers