Friday. 24th May. 1850.
Showers, dark clouds, and gleams of sun. shine.
The Moon is a wet one, we will hope for fair days
when she changes. I am fearfull of takeing a walk and tired
of sitting in the house. Shall not clean house untill the
last of next week, the weather is too cool. I could not sit
without a fire.
Julia’s cold does not leave her, I am anxious, as she coughs
and raises, the first attack of the kind she has ever had
How much I dread ill health for her, it is so hard to
bear. Louis came from school, complained of not feeling
very well, I gave him peppermint.
My back aches sewing. makeing pantaletes [sic] for Sis invisible
articles at present.
The birds, pull their nest to pieces, and make no progress.
Ann, is cleaning the hall closet, we go on by degrees
Mr H. took the boys to ride, they returned late. A
heavy shower threatened. The boys did not go.
I walked in Broadway, Julia would not go as she wished
to practice her music.
Mr F. took tea, and chatted untill near ten. He left
four tickets for the Philharmonic concert to. morrow.
Catharine sent me an invitation to tea, this evening
to meet Mrs Cummings & [Bell] from Princeton. Also for
Sis, to meet Emily Cumming.
G & Ferdinand stopped in the waggon [sic] to give my apology
to C. we could not go on account of the Music lesson.
and damp evening.
I felt much regret, and wished to see them all, Mrs C.
in particular.

Saturday. 25th May. 1850. 19 Charlton St.
A day of dark clouds, and heavy showers.

All Julia’s pleasures frustrated,
she did not get even to see her grandmother.
Fanny Wood called early, they went to Mrs Okill’s, and
were grievously received by Mrs O. I do not know the
purport of their visit. Mrs O expressed a wish to
pass the evening with us, and talk over old times with
mother. I wish it could be accomplished.
My day was passed in sewing
Ann broke the glass in Remsen’s room. She is
very clumsy.
Torrents of rain through the night.

Sunday. 26th May. 1850
Heavy rain from morning till night
We could not think of braveing
the pitiless storm, and passed our day within
doors. I feel anxious for the boys on this day, they are
so prone to idleness, and loungeing on sofa’s & chairs.

Often wish myself a hearty man, able to take them
by the hand to the house of Prayer. Their habits
of indolence will grow upon them; the results will
be a dislike for any restraint or method of devotion on
the Sabbath.
I read a book on Romanisms, proveing the antiquity of
their church. Do not like the style of their writeing.