Monday. 27th 1850.
Sun shine, the storm is over.
Some clouds still fly
over us, looking dark, but no rain has fallen.
I was much engaged the whole morning, with household
affairs. Sent Ann for my dress from Mrs B. It does
not suit, must be altered. I do not like it much.
I took my cold wash laid an hour in bed, slept.
Took a walk to get some lace, to add to my new Cape 4 [d].
Met Mrs Phelps, & Mrs [Costar], Julia & Lancy, that was.
I did not dress and felt shabby in my old mantilla,
with the last fashion in my [drawer]. Garret, laughs at
me for not being the first in the fashion; but I
dread colds, more than the “[worlds] dread laugh”.
How miserably my pen writes; or rather my fingers.
The sun very warm on my back, quite sultry. A great
change from to coldness of the past two weeks.

Tuesday. 28th May. 1850.
Very warm, summer heat.
I went with Garret to ride, tried the
David horse in the big waggon. He is gentle and goes well.
The sun very hot, I called in “nineteenth St.” borrowed C.’s
sun shade. Saw Henry, Pa in the basement.
We stopped at “Woodlawn” a new place, walked to the river.
Our ride home pleasant, few rideing.
I was not fatigued, but took a short nap.
G took the boys after dinner. I sat in my room untill
teatime. Mr F. staid untill ten.
G. took a bath.
I returned Mr F. the concert tickets, for the “philharmonic”.

Wednesday. 29th May. 1850.
Damp, almost rain, quite cool.
Summer was short, now it is
an easterly wind.
I washed all the glasses in the closet, my hands tired.
Took a cold bath. Maria called in, looks pale, I gave
her C.’s sun shade.
G. rode out with Louis