Thursday 30th. May. 1850.
Still damp, and lowering
I tried my dress, and Mrs B. allowed
it to suit me. Walked up to Mrs Falconer’s, selected a
Chip bonnet . Miss Gniffin, had chosen one a moment before.
Her taste did not influence mine in the least. I do
not admire her f__lt manners.
Garret made us ride after dinner, we took the large
waggon [sic] and big horse. His feet seemed tender, & he went
lame. I feared rain, and felt cold &chilly. We met a
band of music at Burnhams, our horse did not caper , ‘tho,
I did. I left Julia & Remsen at Mrs B.s to try a waste of
calico dress.
I sat by the fire, and felt stiff from damp air
Dr Hasbrouck arrived from the Ridge; left Helen at Cairo.
All well at Benjamin’s [Garret’s brother that lives in Stone Ridge].
I took a “bath tepid” and went early to bed. Left G to amuse
the Dr, he was [severe] on the boys in their Latin lessons.
Gave Margaret & Ann some old clothes for their poor friends.

Friday May. 1850 19 Charlton. New York.
Rain all day, the air easterly and damp. Clear at sun down
mending Julia’s clothes.
Ann cleaned the bath room. Washed the window.
Mr. Fullgraff, brought some bracelets for us to look at, magnificent
A [snake] of Turquoise & pearls superbe 250$.
Another of rubys & pearls 60$. I did not purchase either.
Spring has ended its career, and we sit around the
fire still. It is called the backwards season, and very wet.
The city is very healthy; altho emmigrants are pouring in
by the thousands
. Farewell sweet Spring.