Saturday. 1 st. of June. 1850 19 Charlton St N.Y.
Summer begins in name; but not in weather.
The rains has left us for the present period.
I walked up to the milliners, found it windy and cool.
Concluded on a chip, bonnet. Eugene came in to announce C.
Julia, dressed, and went out to pay some visits; dined at
her grandmothers. She looked pale, but pretty, her coughs,
has not left her; and I dread the heat on her system.
Garrett, took the Dr [Garret’s brother] to the boat for Rondout. And went
to ride with Louis. Remsen went to play.
Rima, called in; sat untill Julia arrived, they then went
out to promenade Broadway.
The Miss Babcocks, Mary Woodruff, Joe Turner, Frank Babcock, Eugene
Mr. Savage, past the evening, Maria & Catharine.
Our tea. table was fine, full of good things.
Louis gave an exhibition after tea, and we had fine fun.
Eleanor was very merry, and Julia full of life.
They left at half past nine.
Louis made money on this occasion, “his benefit night.”
Remsen, was doorkeeper.

Sunday. 2nd June. 1850.
A fine day.
We all went to church, Mr Hutton gave us
a fine sermon, from the text, or rather the subject of “Prayer”.
G. walked after dinner with Louis. Remsen stayed away
and returned late. We reprimanded him for his absence.
A slight shower before night.
I kept at home in the after part of the day & evening.