0078Monday. 3d June. 1850..
Very Warm. A thunder shower at noon.
I dressed, went to see Mother; met
Mr. Fullgraff, coolly dressed, looking handsome.
Mother and C. well; dressed to promenade; but Mother
gave up going, it was too warm. Maria & C went out to
pay visits on the hill.
I rode home, much heated. my face troublesome.
Julia rode out with her father in great glee.
Bought a bouquet. I took a short walk. Mon ami, did
not arrive.
Tuesday. 4th June. 1850.
Still warm.
My bonnet came home very pretty.
A white Chip . I could not ride, feeling like quiet.
Garrett took Louis, as far as [Manhattanville]. returned late covered
with dust. We were all at tea.
A short walk, fatigued me I feel weak since the change of
weather. I could not ride, much to G’s chagrin.
Had our yard put in order, paid 14 shillings.
Mrs Pray called to see about Charlotte, engaged her for 4$.
Sat some time with me. I was provoked with Charlotte,
for not accepting more than ______. A friend, not expected.
Mr Christian, left his card, thought we had company, hearing
the violin. A message from Bell, by Mr F.

Wednesday. 5th June. 1850.
Warm as summer.
G took me to ride, Charly [new horse] went very well. The
morning air was charming. We stopped at “Wood Lawn” did not
get out. I was not fatigued, but took a short sleep.
Went again after dinner, to please G. felt tired to death
riding over the stones. On my return, laid in the big
chair exhausted; took my tea in my room.
Finished a composition on “Fears” for Julia.
Bathed in camphor & bay revived.
Mr Smith, & Caddington, sat an hour with Julia.
G. very distraught, does not enquire after my poor little self.
thinks me affected. What a misfortune to be delicate.

Thursday. 6th. 1850.
Very Warm.
We arose early to.day, the girls com-
menced cleaning my front bedroom.
Garrett took the containers all down. Charlotte helped
me put them away.
I was obliged to take off some clothes, my merino skirt
too heavy. A shower in the distance. House.cleaning
very troublesome. I want a third hand.
Finished the front room. I walked out with Mr H. felt
revived in the fresh evening air. Stopped at Lashers ordered
butter. Told Anthony to send me carpet shakers in the
morning. Annie, took Charlotte to Mrs Pray.
G. threw me some money out of the window 9. shillings