0078Friday. 7th of June. 1850.
Very Warm.
We arose early to get at our Cleaning.
Commenced the back room, took up the carpet, it had lain on the floor three years. The men shook it thoroughly all the [word omitted]
came out, and filled the air.
Charlotte, came in, and assisted me very much.
Garret came in to dinner; out of sorts, because
Charlotte was helping. He hates to hire for house cleaning, but will spend dollars, on nonsense. Men are often cross, and unreasonable at such times, but these thunder clouds purify the air.
I could eat no dinner, my appetite destroyed, by
mental conflicts. Julia came home late from school a dog, followed her; causeing [sic] her a fright. G. went to ride. I laid down feeling miserably.
The girls finished my room, and put all things in
order. I laid on the bed, untill eight oclock, our tea.hour.
Mr Fullgraff gave Julia her lesson on the piano; remained
untill after ten. Mr H. took Louis & Remsen to be
measured for thin clothes. Bought them straw hats.
Had their hair cut. for warm weather.
I walked in the yard for air. it revived me for the time.
Charlotte staid all night.
Julia, brought home her Composition book; and Miss [Jane’s]
also. I shewed [sic] them to Mr F. He sang for us.
G. gave Remsen a dollar, for reading his Bible in the morning.
I made 10. pocket hanker chiefs for J. & myself.0079