0079Saturday. 8th June. 1850.
Warm, and clouded; showers thunder & lightening at five.
We continued our cleaning, through the hall.
I put things in order. Julia copied her composition on Fears.
dressed and went to her Grandmothers. It was very hot &
oppressive. Henry sat all the morning untill three oclock.
I was tired to death, and wished to lie down for an hour.
Garret took the boys to ride, he said it would not rain,
but I knew to the contrary. It commenced and rains
very steadily, Remsen, returned home.
I set Ann to cleaning History, gave her a bath; my little statues
also. Made a skirt for Julia, tired of sewing.

Went to Mrs Falconers, with my bonnet, she bent it to suit.
hurried home, to see about my house affairs. Found it
very sultry, but wind high. Gloves, insupportable.
Julia could not return home, staid all night in

0080Sunday. 9th June. 1850.
Very sultry. The sun burning.
Garret seemed distraught, laid on
the little bed all day, his bowels out of order, eating radishes.
I could not venture out, the weather too oppressive.
It was communion Sabbath, my mind was unsettled,
I wished to pass the day quiet, and alone; to gain rest.
But alas, after getting Louis & Remsen to Church, and
composeing [sic] myself for reflection, an unlooked for trouble
arose. Henry [Julia’s brother] had walked with Julia & Maria to Dr Hawky[‘s]
Church from 19th St; and fainted before the service was over.
Julia ran to Dr Hutton’s church, to beg the assistance of
her father, not finding him, sent Louis home to procure a
carriage. I wished G. to allow Louis to jump in one standing
opposite, but he spent on half hour in scolding; before
determining; at last Louis ran to Meirs, took our waggon, it
conveyed him home. Julia came in much heated, and
distressed, she threw herself on the bed, after expressing a
few natural remarks. A great many unpleasant word[s]
were visited on the innocent, and Temper that monster
reared its Hydra head . I felt for the poor children, who
had raced through the hot sun, and for Henry, as he laid
sick at the church door. Good Samaritans are scarce.

The weather grew cold before night; a shower came
up to cool the air; it revived my feeble frame.
I could not go to evening Church.