Monday. 10th June. 1850

Cool, showers, and sunshine.
We arose early, commenced the par.
lours, did not finish them. All worked very hard.
Sent Louis to Mrs Bloodgoods, brought home three
dresses, my pink muslin.
“A dull dream,” Nothing of the past to bring around my
sleeping or waking.

Tuesday. 11th May[incorrect month]. 1850.

Cool, and slight showers.
Almost finished the parlours,
cleaning the back piazza, a troublesome job. very dirty
behind the pictures.
Garret, took Henry a ride, in the morning.
I took a warm bath; and went to bed; slept two hours.
Maria called, I did not see her, G. came to the door
found me [locked] up.
Mrs Swherin, paid me a long visit, she looks very
pretty, and was very clever. Amused me by her naive
remarks. Mrs Paulding interrupted us, she sat untill
dinner hour. I could not help contrasting the two
women; so different in heart and feelings.
Rode with G. after dinner, it was cold in the country
I had on three shawls. Our ride not delightfull, too
short, and too slow for my “ungallant Whip.”
The fire charming on my return, ran in the kitchen to
get warm.
Mary, came to assist Margaret.
Mr Fullgraff took tea.
Mr Christian, passed the evening; with Miss Julia.
Remsen, brought me some cake from Mrs Sayers.

0082Wednesday. 12th June. 1850

A lovely summer day.
I dressed myself early, and rode
down to see Bell, she was out, soon returned. Emily came in.
Shortened my visit, felt much better for the ride.
Slept an hour on the bed.
Our basement in confusion, the carpet up.
Dined in the kitchen Mrs De Puy dine with us, our
dinner very good.
Julia, rode out with her father.
Slept all the evening from fatigue.
Mr Monlon called previous to the Opera.
Paid my Carpet shakers, 50 cts, for basement carpet
it was terribly dirty.
12th Margaret went to bed tired out.

Thursday. 13. June 1850.
Lovely summer day.
We were lazy this morning.
The girls laid the carpets & put the basement in order
before breakfast. Julia walked to school.
I took a shower bath, to improve my weakness; it
revives me immediately.
Thin clothes from the tailors for the boys, beautifull
materials, I hope they will keep them neat.
I rode out with G. he came near, having his wheels broken, by
striving to pass another gig .