Friday 14. June. 1850.
A day of clouds, summer showers.
G. took me to ride with Charly, we
sat some time at Woodlawn, took a glass of “Port sangree.”
The country beautifull, the first agreable [sic] ride of the season.
Mr F. to tea, Garret took the boys after dinner.
The girls proceeding with their house cleaning; kitchen
getting purified.

Saturday. 15. June. 1850.
Sultry; a few drop [sic] of rain.
I rode in the morning; Julia,
wrote in my absence. She went to visit after my return.
Louis & Remsen, went to the salt baths.
After dinner I dressed, and rode up with Garret to
see mother, spent the afternoon & took tea. Julia came up
with “Josephine Little,’’ they both looked very cool & pretty.
We passed an agreable [sic] evening, the moon shone brightly.
Louis escorted me home. The girls played & sang very
________. Miss Babcock, came in for a few moments.
Had the lower part of our house white washed to.day.
Finished the Cleaning. Strawberries for the first &
Sunday. 16. June. 1850.
Cool, and pleasant.
Showers in the distance here
cooled the air, and made it delightfull.
We all went to Church, A beautifull sermon from the
subject of the “Prodigal Son.”
I remained at home after dinner, slept two hours.
Could not enjoy the moonlight; read in the evening.
A twice told tale”