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(I will hopefully add Julia’s hand written manuscripts tomorrow)

Sunday. 16. June. 1850.
Cool, and pleasant.
Showers in the distance here
cooled the air, and made it delightfull.
We all went to Church, A beautifull sermon from the
subject of the “Prodigal Son.”
I remained at home after dinner, slept two hours.
Could not enjoy the moonlight; read in the evening.
A twice told tale”

We did not get our dresses.
G. took the boys to ride, the “Big horse” beats all on the road.
I wrote a composition for Julia, on “Farewell”. for the

Monday. 17. June. 1850.
A fine cool day; sweet air from the West.
I dressed, and rode up to Mrs B.
engaged her to finish our summer work.
Took a shower bath on my return. Went to sleep, did
not awake untill dinner time. Felt dull, and stupid.
Julia accompanied me to shop, we went to Stuarts,
purchased two pair gloves. Stopped at Becks; two
pair gloves, & remnant of silk for apron.
Sis walked up Broadway. I returned home tired

Tuesday. 18. June. 1850.
Cool, and pleasant.
Sherwood, brought some goods
for Julia to look at. she chose a “corn coloured barege .”
I rode to Stuarts, purchased two muslin dresses
a barrege [sic], two under shirts, two pair open stockings.
Walked home, my shopping must finish soon.
A letter from Maria H. She wished us to come
and pass August. All well. Perhaps we may go,
after all my resolves to the contrary.
I took a fine rest on the bed. Julia came from
school very pale. She had almost fainted in the morning.
but seemed quite recovered in the evening.
I was to see Mrs Okill, found her very agreable [sic]. Mrs [Swift]
sitting with her mother, looking very well, a pretty widow.
Returned home much heated, the silk dress too warm.
My mantilla, and chip bonnet very pretty.
G. took the boys to ride. Mr F. to tea with us, our “Straw
berries finer than usual.

Wednesday. 19. June. 1850
Excessively warm.
We feel the heat to-day, clothes
a burden. I took a bath, it was charming, tepid.
Could not sew my needle would rust in my fingers.
Sent our thin dresses to Mrs B.
Wrote a long letter to Maria. Laid on the bed an hour;
slept sweetly, but oppressed with heat.
Children came from school, much heated.
G. did not dine with us. Louis went to the Bath.
Charles Woodruff, came to pass the evening, with him.
They had a fine time; he left at ten.
I wrote an addition to “Farewell”.
The moon shone beautifully, we sat up untill 11.oclock.