0086Friday. 21st June. 1850
We rode in the morning to Wood lawn, took
the boys & large waggon. Cool returning, but very hot when we
started. Julia went late to school, Mrs Okill, sent a young
lady to get her composition, I sent a note to Mrs Okill
by Julia. The day became less suffocating, and the evening
was lovely. Mr Fullgraff gave Julia her lesson. Jane came in
and took tea. I invited her to ride with us. She brought
a superbe [sic] bunch of roses to Julia. Mr H. took the boys
to the Abby.

Saturday. 22nd June. 1850.
Fine, cool day, rain in the evening.
Julia felt better to.day, we set
off after break fast to purchase a gift for “Mr Atkins,” the
interesting teacher. Purchased a blue merino velvet
cover, with gold clasp. his name engraved. Julia wished it
more ornamented but could not be gratified; as it could not
be improved without spoiling the binding. Fanny Wood,
was with us, she selected a Bible.
From there we went up to Mrs B.’s, Julia tried her
dress. We then proceeded to 19th St and sat untill near
1 oclock. They had all their carpets up cleaning house.
Catharine looks miserable, with chills and fever. Mother
is more “fresh & fair” than any of her brood. Maria is thin,
Henry but a shadow. Our visit was pleasant, and the
morning passed pleasantly. After dinner we discussed
the ride, I wished to leave Louis at home as he fills up the
waggon, six is too many in warm weather.
A conversion of the “elements, tornado’s, thunder, light.
ening in the _______ atmosphere.
I felt faint, but would not distress the girls. Poor
Julia finds herself often in trouble, but it seems impossible
to keep a clear sky. An easterly wind made it cold

0087ere we reached home. I could not wait for the Cars, the
girls wished to see them, but my body was sinking.
Eugene was awaiting our return, he looks well, and
listened to Julia’s music.
G. was as still as usual, after the [exp____sion]. Jane, was
agreable [sic], & looks very pretty. It rained before Eugene left.