0087Sunday. 23d June.
Showers, and hot sunshine.
I was not able to go out, as my
whole system was dull & disturbed. Sat quietly in
my room, composed my mind the boys went to Church. Garret, sat in the parlour reading, all day but not the Bible.
A tremendous rain, fell, the wind almost ruining our trees. Our cellar & kitchen full of water; the cess.pool must be over flowing.
A lovely sun set & rain.bow closed the tornado.
Magnificent moon.light night.

Monday. 24th June. 1850
Very pleasant day.
I went out to shop after
break fast, took Julia’s mantilla to be washed.
Met Margaret Newby. Washed up the Decantors.
Took a fine nap. Garret slept an hour on the bed after
dinner. Mrs Chenery, made me an ageable [sic] visit.
She looks beautiful after all her sickness, the twins
good family.
Julia returned from school agitated, she presented her gift to
Mr Atkins, he made some affecting remarks. “Partings are afflictions”.
Mrs O] kissed her, gave her a knowing look, about the

Composition prize; but every thing is uncertain. The girls
seem in great distress of mind, about their “Farewells.”