Example of “lusters”

Tuesday. 25th June. 1850
A fine cool day.
I went to ride with G. at half past six. We took our break fast before starting. It was delightfull beyond Brunhams, and the scenery improves the farther we proceed. I begged him to turn after we had gone 9 miles, as my frame was tired. he could go on to Yonkers. We parted at the door, kissed adieu. I washed the lusters , or rather gave them a Wipe, read a double Herald . Mended shirts. Took a nap,
a cold shower water wash, and went in the garden found only one decent Rose, all have perished. The clouds look like rain.
Mr Fullgraff came to give Julia her lesson.
Mother & Maria, came in to tea, Eugene, Bell & Ferdinand, arrived while we were at the table. Miss Chenery, came in ere tea was over. We had lots of fine “Strawberries.” and plenty of noise.
Julia played two pieces with Mr F. for her Grand.