Wednesday. June 26th 1850

A fine cool day.
I dressed after break fast, and
rode up to see how mother felt after her exertions.
Found her well; going to get a dress cut with Maria.
Catharine & Pa arrived from “Glen cove.” have secured
rooms, and go on Monday. C. is delighted.
I think they all require country air.
I rode with Garret after dinner, we went
too far it fatigued me terribly. Was compelled to go
to bed. Slept tolerably well, after Annie’s rubbing.
Mr Abeel, called with a quilt from Maria, & Tidy from
Miss Cantine for me. She will be down on Tuesday.
0089 Thursday. June. 27th 1850.
Comfortable day, showers in the distance.
Sent for [Potosi], I was not well this morning.
Julia went to school for her last lesson, sent Ann
to bring home her books.
I kept very quiet all the morning, slept two hours,
Took my quantum of cold water.
Julia wrote all the afternoon, for one of her scholars. Miss
Church of Troy.
G. went to the Abby, with Louis & Remsen.
I took a short walk, bought a hair skirt, 2 $.
An appearance of rain, sent me home.
Miss Berger, passed the evening with Julia, she returned
with her to play for Mr Berger. Met Josephine & her father
did not get home untill after ten.
A muslin dress from Mrs B. for Julia.

0090Friday. June. 28th /1850

Close, and sultry air.
We feel the heat The boys
do not like the idea of school.
Julia dressed in her new spotted muslin, went off to
school in high glee. She receives her premiums
G. wished me to be in readiness for Marble town. I sup.
pose we shall leave in a hurry as usual. I regret he
wishes us so far distant, but so it is, & so it must be.
My house is in fine order, every part clean and sweet.
It grieves me to leave it, with its quiet & repose for the
bustle, and unrest of our country home.
Julia returned with her load of premiums.
7. very handsome books; Mrs Okill gave the young ladies a fine
entertainment. They danced and had a merry parting.
She sent a note to Miss Church of Troy, and the “Farewell
It was so warm I could scarcely dress tolerable decent.
Catharine, came in to stay all night, brought Julia a “[Port Marie]”
of white mother of Pearl, engraved from her Grandmother.
a pair of gloves from herself. I gave her a pair of stockings
not blue, but full of holes, or open work.
Mr Fullgraff, came to give her lesson in Music.
Mr H. rode out with the boys. came in late to tea.
Rain fell in torrents, Mr F. staid all night. I was obliged
to give him the room prepared for Catharine. She was out
of humour, because he conversed with Julia on trifling subjects.
We went late to bed. Remsen, had a fever, I put
him to bed, and wiped his face with bay rum.