Saturday June 29th 1850.
Excessively warm. Burning sun.

I arose at five oclock; washed & dressed.
Met Mr F. in the parlour at six, he found it very warm
in his room. Introduced the subject of Julia’s [quarter].
He made his bill out, Mr H. paid him. We did not engage
him altho he wished it very much; for next Fall.
He has improved Julia very much, this winter.
Catharine, left after break fast.
Julia rode up to Mrs Bloodgood, the heat was so intense
I could not go with her, tho’ but nine oclock.
I would not let her go to pass the day in Chelsea,
it was too intensely hot. She rode up before tea, with
her father taking all her premiums to show her Grand.
mother. Returned at 10 oclock with Margaret.
Brought her Corn coloured barrege [sic] from Mrs B.
Remsen feverish all day; laid on my bed, & slept.
An appearance of rain, but it passed over.

Saturday. June 30th
Heat still excessive.
We all kept still, to go out was
impossible for me. Julia went after dinner to hear Dr Hawk’s
was delighted with him; Susan took her to their pew.
Mr Cornell came home with her from church; Sat an hour
promised us a copy of his, “speech on Woman.”
Jane, Mr Van Sawn, & Miln passed the evening. I did
not like Julia’s trifling conduct on the Sabbath.
William Leggett, passed the evening with us, is as
clear as usual. Staid very late.