Monday. 1st of July. 1850. N.Y. 19 Charlton St.

Intense heat in the morning; showers at four oclock.
Garret told me to keep still in the
house, but I felt lie haveing [sic] my own way.
Sent for a carriage, went up to bid mother & the girls farewell.
Found them all stewing with the heat. Stopped at Mrs B.
tried my muslin waist. Julia also.
Called on Mrs Leggett, then returned home, from exhaustion
did not get to Dr.
Remsen free from fever to.day
Sent for oranges, lemons & prunes.
Garret did not dine with us to.day.
He took Louis & Julia to the Abby; they staid untill
near nine, picked up Margaret at Mr Prays.
Jane, called in to see Julia, brought her handker chief
from Mr Miln. Invited her to pass the evening of the
Fourth of July. I kept Louis from school to.day, he is
troublesome, the house is in disorder constantly.
Julia & Remsen laid on the bed all the morning,
frolicing [sic], and reading.
I spoke to Annie, about leaveing [sic] her behind if we go to
the country; she seems contented either way.

Tuesday. 2nd July. 1850
Cool, and easterly air.
Charming after the heat
of the past week; but the change is very sudden.
G. arose early and opened all the windows, it gave me a
chill, and compelled me to get under the blanket.
I arose early, to ride, but when the waggon came, we sent it
back fearing rain. It cleared off before noon, but commenced
raining at five oclock. Garret took me to get a gingham at
Mr Phipps, I rode up, walked home with Julia, we got,

slightly sprinkled before reaching home. Mr H. and Louis
were caught in the rain, and returned home wet.
Miss [Breviere], called to see us, looked as usual. Left her
card, and number.
Remsen sick on the bed with fever, has exerted himself
too much to.day and ate Lobster at dinner.
G. more like himself, than he has been for a month past.
I purchased, besides my dress, 2 yds gingham for sun.
bonnets & two neck ribbons.
Remsens, “Canary bird” died this morning, she has
been sick some time. I do not regret her as she was
uninteresting. We have had her two years. “[P___]_Effie Dea[u]rs”.

0093 Wednesday. 3rd July. 1850
Damp, easterly wind.
We feel this sudden change.
I am glad to shut the windows, and dress warm.
Went to bed for comfort, this morning, it was so chilly
A pain in my bones, sudden changes affect me.
Ann Quin, called to see if I wished her to go in the
country; I could not decide as Maria had not arrived.
I feel bad at parting from Annie, she is so amiable,
cannot decide, which is for the best.
Sent for Dr Rodgers, he was in the country.
Remsen, has no fever to.day, but frets about the 4th July.
and Johnny’s arrival.
Julia, went to see about her boots at Middleton’s; she dined
at Mrs Routons. Runs about as much as possible in
the neighbourhood.
It has the appearance of a storm for to.morrow.
Mother will feel sad if at “Glen cove” this dull storm.
I must ascertain their whereabouts to.night.
“Mon Ami,” more in haste than friendship requires.
Maria, & John arrived from the Ridge in the Cars, just at tea time.