Friday 5th July. 1850.

Excessively warm.
Remsen feverish all day.
I prepared Julia’s trunk. She was pale & fatigued.
Shopped with her Aunt Maria. Louis p_____ on his father
to let him go with his Aunt. I put up a few clothes for
him in haste.

Saturday. 6th July/ 1850.

Close in the morning, a breeze at breakfast.
I went to the Boat with the children,
parted with them with great anxiety of mind. Think
they will enjoy the sail, the air springs up cool on the water.
Remsen better to.day, no fever, kept still in bed.
I rode out to the Abbey.
Mr Cornell, left a kind note from Rima.

Sunday. 7th July

A cool day.
I kept with Remsen, he improves
arose and dressed himself. looks pale & thin.
Garret went to Hoboken to get cool air; he eat [sic] too
much Lobster for dinner; My appetite miserable.
I took a walk in the evening, was suffering from debility
and great distress; Must try the Hip bath.
Had news from mother all well, from Pa also.

Monday. 8th July.

Pleasant day.
Sent a long letter to “Glen Cove”. We arose early, I rode out with
Garret to the Abbey, took milk punch, found the ride de.
lightfull. Went out to buy a drawing book & paper for Remsen.
A head.ache all day. Slept two hours before dinner.
Rode up to see Mrs Swherin, sat an hour with her, Mr S.
went to ride with Garret. Found pa waiting for me,
he sat an hour, took our tea Remmy hungry.
G. returned late from his ride. I came home in an
Omnibus. Rested my feet for head.ache; slept well.
A letter from Bell, at Fort Hamilton. Paid Mrs Bloodgood 37. $.shillibeers_first_omnibus

Friday. 9th July.

A fine day.
I passed it in a sluggish kind of manner.
Walked to Crowens purchased paper, notes, “Mrs [Hermans] works.”
Wrote a long letter to Isabella.
Almost ready to cry because I get no news from Julia.
Slept two hours, flies troublesome.
Remsen, quite well to.day. appetite good.
I sent for the boys books, from Mr Parker, sent a note,
Garret went out alone; returned home early.
Walked with G. to Millers, bought thick shoes; also a trunk
for the boys clothes.