Monday. 10th July. 1850
zachary-taylor-death-of-president-zachary-taylor-taylor-on-his-death-CWB8A0A fine day, delightful weather.
The death of General Taylor throws a gloom
over the city. papers in mourning.
A long letter from Julia, all well; and safe; the house
unfinished; just as I supposed from the first. I wish _____
had gone to Mr Leggetts, our priveledges [sic] are so much greater.
Remsen rode out with his father to the Abby, they almost
had the “Cayauga Maid” a race horse.
I went to see Mrs Berger, sat an hour, she expects to be con.
fined before many days. Louis cheerfull & happy. Took her
fan by mistake, returned it through the window.
Jane came in; sat all the evening, seemed lonely.
Remsen and I packed our trunks, I sent mine away after
reading the letter, so discourageing.