Thursday. 11th July 1850.
Cool and pleasant.
We slept late this morning.
I busied myself arranging things to be taken, and left.
Had the bed.stead taken down in the girls room for fear of
My complaints better to.day, use cold water in plenty.
Sent a long letter to Julia, and my note from Bell.
Jane brought a small note for her; to be sent to.morrow.
I rode up to Chelsea, went to see Pa; found him very well, and
busy with his gas pipes. Went in to see the Miss Babcocks,
they gave me an agreable [sic] reception, with a glass of Port Wine
Went back, took tea with Pa, he returned home with me.
Garret rode out with Mr Swherin; Remmy staid at home.
I walked with G. it was very cool and pleasant in the

Friday. July. 12th /1850
A fine day, cool & pleasant.
I intended going over too see the Dr &
Anna, felt badly at my stomach; gave up.
Slept after washing two hours.
Dressed and took Remsen to drink tea with Mrs Swherin.
Went all through her house, it is convenient & beautifully
settled, every part like [wax].work. She looked beautifull, in
_____ _____, pink embroidered muslin, her children improve.
The baby is a fine fellow, like his father in expression.
Our tea.table was very genteel, the china elegant. indeed
Mr & Mrs may be called people of taste.
We rode at ten oclock, Remmy fell
asleep, very soon after his return home.
A long letter from Catharine, all well at “Glen Cove.