Saturday. July. 13. /50.
0097 Cool & agreable [sic] weather. unless the suns rays.
I find my bowels out of order
this will keep me in the house. Took a short walk,
bought lace mitts 1$ for Julia. Finished a cape with blue
galoon [sic]. Sold my crib bed, mattress, bed tick for 4 $. to
Margarets sister Mary. Slept two hours, ate little at dinner.
Garret, packed a trunk, and then went to ride with Remmy.
I received a long letter from “Sis”, they wish us to come up on
Tuesday. She poor child seems dull for the want of society;
and urges me to hasten up. I think our [homes] will hang
heavy enough, when night comes on. the idea fills me
with little pleasure, but we must not repine.
The bells toll, and cannons resound for the loss of
General Taylor, his funeral takes place in Washington
It has a mournfull sound, and bids us all “prepare.”