0099-copySeptember. 1850.
Charming weather through out this month.
We left the Ridge on the 16teenth.
Called on Mrs Rosa at Rondout. Dined at the Hotel.
Took the afternoon train of Cars; reached home by seven oclock.
Margaret & Ann cleaned the house and were awaiting our
arrival; gave us a fine tea. How charmed I was to find
myself once more safe at Home, with my dear ones
around me; this was true happiness.
A week previous to my return I had been quite an in.
valid, called in the aid of Dr De Witt. Feared the Dysentary
but had, a slight touch of this painfull disease.
Kept my room one week, Nanny slept on the floor with
me. Julia, felt, much concerned for me, I was pleased
to see her so thoughtfull. We wrote for G. to come up,
I was more nervous, than sick; and wanted to get home.
How delighted I was to see him enter my
chamber, and how soon we became happy, and gay.
He left home sooner than he wished, and many little
improvements were unfinished.
On my return I found some of my wishes gratified
the old pump was removed, this being an eye sore to me.
The Arbour had been mended, and all that a thoughtfull,
husband could do, had been accomplished.