0100October. 1850 New York.
A beautifull month.
The children returned to school. Julia
on the 14. Louis, & Remsen go to Mr Parker in the University.
I was very busy all this month; the house altho clean
required regulating. Made many purchases in this
month for winter. I took mother twice to ride in this
lovely month, she enjoyed them very much; the rides I mean.
Called twice on Mrs De [Segnel], she gave me an in.
teresting account of poor Louise. Her suicide was dreadfull,
so planned, and determined; so young and interesting to
die, I shudder when I think of her fatal end.
The mother is more composed than I could have expected,
but her christian deportment; endeared her the more to me.
Miss Julia, did not see company.
Daily entries for Julia will begin again on December 1st – November’s entry will be just a summation for the month. Julia must have been very busy to have neglected her journal for such a long time