Friday. December 6th 1850.
0105-copyThe storm still holds on. Rain falls.
I dressed and went down “Broadway.
with Garret, dureing [sic]an appearance of clear weather,
just accomplished my business and arrived at home.
ere the rain fell in torrents.
We purchased buttons and braid for Julia’s dress. 2 $.
Black braid for my old clock.
[___ted] from G. Sent Nanny to Mrs Bloodgood & Chelsea on my
Found Remsen had left school, he complained of feeling
sick. A censure ticket may be at the bottom of the affair.
in conjunction with too much molasses candy.
I had a fire built in my sitting room, for
the first this season. It is such a luxury, I can
not dispensed [sic] with it any longer. I love to be alone,
to read, write, and perform a thousand duties, impossible to
be to perform, if anothers eye or presense, disturbs me.
I have neglected my mind, and body for the want
of seclusion, now my nest is charming.