Tuesday. 24th /1850.
Very cold, but clear.
Jane took tea with Julia, they
romped about, and made me laugh, untill tired out.
Garret, took some advise about his cold; went to bed

Christmas day Decem. 25th /1850.
Snow on the ground, it fell gently.

0110-copyI was disturbed by G. who has fever, and
night sweats. Gave him oil, he kept [to] his room.
I went with the children to dine at my fathers.
Did not feel like a “Merry Christmas.” Our “Key West.”
family made some variety, but it was painfull to recall
the past. I took up some gifts to C. & Maria, gloves for Henry.
Mr H. would not allow me to make presents, scarcely to
my own children. But I will keep up the old customs,
of this pleasant season, no selfish misanthropic objections
shall chill my heart, or close my generous desire to give

a small degree of pleasure; let it be ever so small.
Our dinner party was dull, the absent ones were
missed, to give spice to the compound.
The Dr [Sterry, Julia’s brother] & wife, Edgar, Eugene. David [Julia’s younger brother] and Mr H were wanting
to fill our list.
The carriage came for us at half past nine, the children
returned with books, and other gifts, very much tired.
Mother looked pretty to.day, and seemed well. Pa, on the con-
trary fails fast; rheumatism has almost broken him down.
He felt a little revived by company.

Thursday. 26th Pleasant for Winter.
I took my rest in the little room, G. keeps me awake,
and I am almost sick.