Friday. 27th I went with Julia to order my cake.

0110-copySaturday 28 We went to purchase lace sleeves, & ______.

Sunday. 29. I did not go out to.day. Julia went
with the boys and Susan; Remmy & Susan fell on the ice.

Monday. 29. 30
Arranged my gifts for the servants. Gave Nanny an Alpaca
dress, comb & hanker chief. Calico dresses & umbrella’s for M. & Ann.
Tuesday. 31st

G. took Salts & senna, Calomel & oil. again.
Damp air, it terminated in Snow.
I ran out to buy some lace; found
Wednesday the snow troublesome. Julia returned from a
0111-copyvisit to Miss Wood & Grey. She ordered my jelly & blanc mange.
This ends the old year with innumerable mercies,
some sorrows are mingled. G.s sickness & irritability of dispositions, gives every thing a distorted shape. I must bear all, and keep the bright-hues of life for my children.
To them I endeavour to give pleasure, knowing & full well,
how soon the sunshine of youth, will be shaded.
Abstinence from Tobacco, must be his excuse, as he has nothing
to molest him; and every attention, he will receive.
To day he keeps the bed. His fever is strong at night,

and the night sweats very debilitating [sic]. He looks miserably thin, has a bad tongue, troublesome cough.
I know him to be bilious, brought on by tobacco, high seasoning
and thick Beer, in these three luxuries he has indulged
rather too freely, poison to the system.
My advice is lost; but sickness comes to school the
proud and rebellious.
To me a sick.bed, has ever been a true friend; showing me
that “God’s hand” will arrest my course; and save me
from the imaginations of my own wicked heart.