January. 4th Saturday. 1851 New York. 19. Charlton Street.
Snow, it left off by noon.
















G. seems better to.day.
Sent the boys to his office, Louis thought he had lost the key.
His father sent him, down three times, untill the night ____
was found. A sad scene for me to witness; passionate
words, and hasty blows, presented only by my interference,
a sulky son, and thoughtless parent. Which of the
two is the most criminal before God. I shudder for
the future lot of my children. Why are we permitted
to bring immortal souls into existence, and then crush
the hidden seeds of good. How responsible our office, this
New Year, should make me more determined by precept
and example, to warn my sons, from those growing passions
inherited from their sinful parents.
“Temper” is every thing!, can there be a happy home, if
this foul demon, rears its venomed tongue; and fills
the ears & hearts of its inmates? Alas no,! God tells us
plainly that the “ meek shall inherit the Earth.” how
then can the fierce & prayerless being enter the portals of
What a horrible fiend is temper, dark & suspicious, it
chills every social virtue, and locks within the heart all
the lore; which once could fondly flow, to meet its kin.
dred love.
Julia dined with her grandmother. all well.
She returned before tea.
Mr W Lounsberry called this morning, brought a note from
Marie H. Very cold at the Ridge; good sleighing. She drank
my Champagne.