0116-copyMonday. 6th January. /51
Mild and spring like, but not under foot.
Garret, went down to his office, I
dread the effect of this damp air on him, tremble for his renewed cold. Busied myself putting rooms, closets and draws [sic] in order. Take advantage of his absence to prepare for his comfort & my own. It is five oclock; and
no G. arrives. Spent the hours on this journal to.day.
Took a short walk, the mud sent me home in despair.
Julia returns from school displeased, the long lessons discourage her. Twelve pages of History, too much. G. came in late; brought Vitriols, and Cherry syrup, the first for cold, the vitriol for night sweats. He had not taken any dinner.
I passed my evening with Julia, heard her lessons.
She has a sore mouth. I took a bath, and went to bed.